Installing and running under Wine on Ubunto\Linux

MicrOsiris runs under Wine on Ubunto/Linux but you can't use the MicrOsiris Manual and Statistical Decision buttons.

The menu item for the manual will not work if you do not have a Windows PDF reader like Adobe Reader installed. In this case, browse the c:\drive under the wine menu for microsoft.pdf and make a link and move it to the desktop. This allows the system PDF reader to access it.

If you selected "create an icon" for the Statistical Decision Tree when installing, test it and delete it if it doesn't work  You can get an desktop link for it by browsing the C:\drive under the wine menu and marking the default.htm under MicrOsiris/tree to open with the Firefox or other browser application. Then make a link and move it to the desktop.

The installer under Wine may make two icons on the desktop for MicrOsiris. Click on the one labeled Microsiris.desktop and mark it as trusted. This should change it's icon to the proper MicrOsiris one. Delete the other icon.

You can't use Data Entry with Excel from the command screen but you can still use it by opening DATA_ENTRY.XLSX (in the MicrOsiris directory under Wine) directly and following the embedded directions. Then run MicrOsiris and use the IMPORT button, selecting import a MicrOsiris CSV file.

When starting MicrOsiris, Wine throws an internal error message about Quickwin; just click on it to continue. This is a known error in Wine since 2000 that is harmless (and nobody seems to want to fix it)