The material used in this guide is based upon "A Guide for Selecting Statistical Techniques for Analyzing Social Science Data," Second Edit ion, produced at the Institute for Social Research, The University of Michigan, under the authorship of Frank M. Andrews, Laura Klem, Terrence N. Davidson, Patrick O'Malley, and Willard L. Rodgers, copyright 1981 by The University of Michigan, All Rights Reserved.  This electronic version copyright 2014 by Neal Van Eck.

The Decision Tree helps select statistics or statistical techniques appropriate for the purpose and conditions of a particular analysis and to select the MicrOsiris commands which produce them or find the corresponding SPSS and SAS commands. 

Start with the first question on the next screen and choose one of the alternatives presented there by selecting the appropriate link. Continue down the branches as instructed until you arrive at a description of a statistical measure and/or test appropriate to your situation.


Cautionary omments Start Statistics Programs

The "Statistics Programs" button provides a table of all statistics mentioned which can be produced by MicrOsiris, SPSS, or  SAS and the corresponding commands for them.