MicrOsiris Statistical Analysis and Data Management Software and Decision Tree for Statistics (Freeware)

MicrOsiris is a comprehensive statistical and data management package for Windows (Comparison with SPSS and SAS). Derived from OSIRIS IV, a statistical and data management package developed and used at the University of Michigan, MicrOsiris includes special techniques for data mining (SEARCH) and analysis of nominal- and ordinal-scaled data (MNA, MCA) and an interface to Michigan Survey Research Center's missing values imputation variance estimation and regression software for complex sampling designs, IVEware (included with MicrOsiris).

See the MicrOsiris User Guide for more information.

MicrOsiris handles up to 80,000 variables and can import up to 20,000 variables from SPSS, SAS, STATA, UNESCO IDAMS, and Excel and can read datasets from the enormous store of survey data available in the original OSIRIS format from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan.

The Decision Tree for Statistics included with MicrOsiris helps select statistics or statistical techniques appropriate for the purpose and conditions of a particular analysis and to select the MicrOsiris commands which produce them.

MicrOsiris loads in less than 1.2MB of memory with additional memory allocated as needed to handle any sized dataset and analysis.

It's free; and its speed and small disk footprint makes it excellent for college or graduate level courses in statistics and applied survey research methods as well as large-scale research projects (quickly processes over 100,000 records with SEARCH, for instance.) 

MicrOsiris will also function through a Windows emulator like Parallels or VMware on a Mac and on Ubunto/Linux under Wine.

"I found that it was the only desktop product that could reference over 800 vars and handle a record > 6,000 chars.  Saved my bacon!"--from a steady user.

MicrOsiris may be used free of charge and you can re-distribute it to others. To support maintenance and development please make a donation.

Download MicrOsiris Automatically installs 32-bit or 64-bit version as needed. Includes IVEware and sample datasets.

Release notes

Send suggestions for improvements and problem reports to: nvaneck@umich.edu and check back periodically for updates by using the "About" button on the MicrOsiris command screen.  Thanks especially to Marshall Costantino of Analysis, Research & Design, Inc. in Denver, Colorado and Gábor Hegedűs of Budapest, Hungary for testing and great suggestions.

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